I believe that change happens person by person. When one person finds their voice in the world, it creates a ripple effect that touches everyone around them. I am passionate about helping people reconnect to their own unique source of joy and curiosity and design a life that authentically reflects their whole self.


What is life coaching?

Most of us reach points in life where we feel stuck. Briefly put, life coaching is a powerful and thought-provoking conversational practice designed to get you un-stuck and living the life you desire. 

When you hire a life coach, you are hiring a supportive, deeply empathetic partner who will keep you accountable to your highest potential. During these sessions we will work together to explore what is getting in your way, shifting your way of relating to the world to allow you to take action from a more empowered place.

I have more than a decade of experience supporting creative people in the process of turning their dreams into reality. My background as a classically trained singer led me to a career in arts administration, where I fostered the growth of innovative projects across opera, theater, and classical music.

I became a life coach because I saw the power of coaching first-hand. For decades, I lived life according to other people's rules. I was an expert at squashing myself into whatever metaphorical box someone needed me to fill. Through coaching, I was able to see how much this way of life was costing me—my dreams, my connection to self, my true voice, my creativity—and open up a path to creating a life where I can bring all of my self to the table.

About me:


Weekly sessions are held virtually by phone or zoom, with additional support offered by email or text in between sessions, on a limited basis.

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